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Is it you, is it me,

Is it your neighbor or maybe the young lady who held the door open for you this morning? Is it someone's grandmother who has the best cookie recipe the world has ever seen or maybe it's the twelve year old who can't make heads or tails out of Shakespeare but can write code like there's no tomorrow. Maybe you are in the presence of the next Google right now and don't know it. Maybe the next Google is up and running but the creators of it don't know they're the next Google. These are indeed strange times, but that's a good thing.

The only thing you can be sure of is the next Google is out there , waiting to awaken so as to" bestride the known world like a colossus ". This Google maybe in the Tech field or maybe in Fashion, Automotive, Music, Entertainment, Science etc... who knows . Do you think Google knew it was going to be Google the internet titian it is today, of course not! Do you think while they were trying to come up with names for the company someone in the room stood up and said lets choose a name that makes it seem as if we've had one too many beers, that should guarantee our success, I don't think so.

Before Google had more money than the Federal Reserve will ever be able to print, they started off like a lot of other start ups, just a little company with a funny name that could only be pronounced by Elaine Benes with a mouth full of Jujyfruits ( My Seinfeld brothers and sisters know what I mean ). Now the whole world worships at the alter of Google and preforms the sacrificial rite of having Google and only Google as our one and only search engine lest we anger the internet gods and be banished from our You Tube paradise.

So the next time your well meaning friends and relatives tell you " you'll never make it " or your behind in your bills and find yourself living off the dollar menu at your local McDonald's. Whisper to yourself that word that is now synonyms with hope, perseverance and faith, Google ! Cordially



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